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Hi my name is Louise (Lou) and I am a craftaholic. I am in my mid twenties and live in wonderful Scotland. My addictions are jewelry making and cross stitching, I do knit and love to try other things, but these are the two that have stuck. I have been stitching ever since i can remember, but only started stitching properly when i was pregnant with my first daughter. I manage to get my fix in between looking after my two angels and hubby.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Completed landscape and tag.

I stitched a picture of a landscape on the Isle of Skye for my parents as a christmas present. My parents absoloutly love Skye and would love to live there so this was the perfect thing to sticrch for them. Finally here is a picture of the finished piece...

My photography hasnt gotten much better since the last post, I couldnt quite get a decent angle on the picture with good light so you can see my shadow and you yougests shadow in the glass.
My mum and dad were thrilled with their pressie, and I was thrilled with how it turned out too.
I was tagged by a very talented jewelry artist called Jamee. She sells the most beautiful wedding jewelry from Maui alongside some great beaded creations. Check out her blog and her Etsy shop.
This version of tag is to give six random facts about yourself, here are the rules.
1) Link to the person who tagged you on your blog
2) Post the rules on your blog
3) Write 6 random things about yourself
4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them
5) Let each person know they've been tagged
Ok so my random facts are
It is my 26th birthday this year (tomorrow the 12th)
I'm scared of the dark (yeah I know how ridiculous is that ;op)
I have kived in the same town all of my life (Airdrie, Scotland)
The first birthday pressie I got my hubby was a tattoo of a lion rampant with the number 1314 underneath it. My first daughter was born two years later in the 13th of October and my second daughter was born on the 14th June (freaky huh!!)
I hate spiders
I love all things sparkly.
Ok so the lucky bloggers I am tagging are
Marjorie (marjories cracked plate jewelry)
No regrets
Have fun guys, I found it really hard to come up with things to say about myself.


Debbie Jo said...

Landscape is just beautiful! I am so proud of your finish and your parents being so happy with it. Congrats on the awesome finish.

Meari said...

It turned out nice, Lou. As for photos, you might want to try moving yourself off to the side more so that you can't see your reflection, or moving your stitching to a lower angle than your camera until you can't see the reflection.

Kelly said...

Lovely finish!

Marjorie said...

You've tagged me! I will try to get to this as soon as I can so I can pass it along.

Happy Birthday to you! Hope tomorrow's the best birthday ever.

Your present to your parents was fabulous. How nice to be able to give something of meaning to them and that you made yourself. Kudos!

ChezChani said...

That is beautiful. It's been many a year since I cross stitched but I did do one large-ish piece similiar, it was an Amish horse and buggy and it took me forever. I had it framed and gave it as a gift. I want it back NOW!

Carolyn NC said...

I love Landscape - what a great gift. Thanks for the tag (was it me or another Carolyn). I'm going to pass this time as I posted a tag on my blog a few months ago, but I appreciate it!

Kathy said...

Your landscape piece is gorgeous!! Fantastic finish. I am sure your parents loved it.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

It's beautiful! and it's not only totally created by you..each tiny little stitch..but it's a place w/ special meaning to your parents as well..sounds like the perfect gift. You should get a shot of it out of the frame..w/o the glass over it. It's next to impossible to get a good shot w/ the glass over it. But I can tell its awesome all the same!

Thanks for playing along...those are great facts! I'm afraid of the dark too! and I turned 40 last year :\ I hardly act it though I wish I could act it sometimes lol! So why did you chose the number 1314 for the tatoo? And you are from Scotland..I never realized that! So you have the same accent as David Tennant on Dr. Who..I LOVE that! ;-)

htimcj said...

Beautiful piece. I would love to visitthere someday.

Nancy said...

Very pretty finish. I walk around my house, putting the picture down and then seeing if there is a glare. Sometimes it takes me awhile but I can usually find a spot where there isn't any glare. It's a challenge sometimes.