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Hi my name is Louise (Lou) and I am a craftaholic. I am in my mid twenties and live in wonderful Scotland. My addictions are jewelry making and cross stitching, I do knit and love to try other things, but these are the two that have stuck. I have been stitching ever since i can remember, but only started stitching properly when i was pregnant with my first daughter. I manage to get my fix in between looking after my two angels and hubby.

Monday, 2 February 2009


We go snow today!!! OK we had to settle for it being the crappy snow you cant make snowmen from, but my girls and I had a ball.

My princesses made snow angels for the first time

Jamie had a ball just throwing the snow about. She had snow coming out of every piece of clothing when we went back inside.

Hollie decided she wanted the snow from the bottom of the green taken to the top to make a snow seal. She wasted it before I could get a picture of it.

Isn't it great how excited kids get when they first set foot out in the snow. They saw a huge path that hadn't been stepped in and decided they had to run through it, yeah OK I joined in, but someone has to show the kids how to play in the snow ;o)

The weather is supposed to stay the same for the next few days so hopefully we will get more snow and with any luck it will be proper snowman building snow.
On the jewelry and stitching front... I have managed to do nothing. This course is going to be pretty full on.
My hubby and I did manage to get out for a night out though. The first in like two years... Needless to say I was pretty drunk, gosh I must be getting old cause I really didn't have that much to drink... But you know what, we had a ball and I can honestly say that I'm not gonna need another night out for a while. (I cant quite handle the morning after quite the same any more lol).

Thanks for looking, take care x


ChezChani said...

Love the snow pics. I did get to see snow in Vegas this year and it was such a treat...enjoy!

Nancy said...

It's so fun to see everyone posting about the snow. We only get 5 months of it!LOL Enjoy it, while you have it.

kaghos said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, yes you are right to seek help is always a good sign. kaghos

Fatema said...

Snow..It looks nice,but cold too. Enjoy it.

Good luck with your operation.

Hope you find some time to stitch soon.