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Hi my name is Louise (Lou) and I am a craftaholic. I am in my mid twenties and live in wonderful Scotland. My addictions are jewelry making and cross stitching, I do knit and love to try other things, but these are the two that have stuck. I have been stitching ever since i can remember, but only started stitching properly when i was pregnant with my first daughter. I manage to get my fix in between looking after my two angels and hubby.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Happy new year


2009 is almost upon us, can you believe it? I sure cant... It seems like there isn't enough time in the world to do everything that we would like to. And now there is even less time to stitch or play with my beads. I have so many ideas and tutorials that I would like to do but cant seem to get the time to do it. And to top it all off Santa brought us a Wii. Now there is another excuse not to do my course work ;0).

We had a great Christmas this year, my youngest had her first Christmas where she was aware of what was going on. The girls went straight to sleep because they knew santa wouldnt come if they stayed awake. If only I could have gotten some sleep. I was awake till 2am and woke up every hour till 5am and finally went and woke my girls up at 7.30am. Can you believe I had to wake the kids up on Christmas day!! Just goes to show who is the bigger kid lol...

I dont normally do resolutions but this year I think I will. So here it goes...
  • I will make more time for my hobbies

  • I will listen to my doctor and do as she says (I suffer from depression but I hate taking medication so am really bad at taking my tablets, I tend to forget and end up quite weepy and suffer from mood swings)

  • I will make enough time for my course work (and try not to find an excuse as to why I dont have to do it)

I wonder if I can stick to these!!

I hope everyone has a great 2009 full of health and happiness.


Marjorie said...

Happy New Year, Lou! I hope 2009 brings you all that your heart desires - and more! Best of luck to you in keeping those resolutions. Guess I'd better start thinking about what mine will be this year.

ChezChani said...

Good, achievable resolutions. I have made no particular resolutions but I tend to resolve things all year long. Last month I resolved to watch my cholesterol. I'm pretty sure I resolved to straighten up my craft room but resolutions, like contracts, are made to be broken. All the best in 2009, chin up and swallow those pills!

Meari said...

Happy New Year!